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Welcome to the Omega Solution.

Of course, it’s not much of a welcome. Each and every one of you didn’t get a choice in joining. You’re here because you are a criminal, and because it’s more convenient for us to utilize you here than to simply kill you out of hand. After all, your unique abilities shouldn’t be completely wasted.

Your assignment in Omega Solution is two-fold. One, don’t piss off your handlers. That’s a sure way to feel the slow tingling of a brain-burster. Second, you fight. You fight whatever your handlers
tell you to, and you fight to the death – theirs, or yours.

So look alive, soldiers. The only kind of training you’re going to get is on-the-job, and it’s time for your first lesson.


In the last ten years, the world has changed. There is a small but growing number of people exhibiting spontaneous manifestations of superhuman powers. Minor or limited manifestations, while alarming, have not dramatically impacted society. There are now routine sightings of
individuals who can fly, or control weather phenomenon, or act with incredible speed. But the most severe of these – called Alpha Manifests – cause widespread destruction and upheaval. The first batch of these so terrified the general public that all manifests are now viewed as
dangerous, and subject to arrest and imprisonment.

Alpha Manifests are so physiologically stressful on the human body, that in 99% percent of all recorded cases, the person manifesting looses control. The human body which has expressed such extreme powers literally has its sanity wrenched away. AMs have become a danger to everyone and everything around them. Their lack of rational behavior, coupled with their superhuman powers creates an unacceptable risk, and they are brought down by any means necessary. Given the raw power of an AM, this could mean anything up to nuclear weaponry. Alpha Manifests are
commonly seen as rabid dogs that must be put down. The problem being that they are rabid dogs with the power to devastate cities and often can shrug off tank shells.

Due to the actions of the Alpha Manifests, the laws against all manifests have become very restrictive. All manifests are expected to register themselves with the government. All that do not are considered criminals and are hunted down. The governments of the world are terrified of Alpha Manifests, and it isn’t understood if weaker manifests might someday grow into their powerlogged cousins. It seems that the governments now take no chances.

Main Page

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