In 2015, the world changed.

It started with a solar eclipse. It ended with thousands of people across the planet gaining… powers. Powers that defied scientific explanation. Things out of imagination, out of science fiction, mythology and imagination.

The media started calling them Superheroes. For a time – a short time – it seemed that a new dawn was rising up, and mankind was about to live in a world it had only dreamed about.

Of course many dreams slide into nightmare.

In the span of months, before anyone could begin to study the origin of these powers, some of their bearers begin to change. The human psyche apparently copes poorly with acquiring the power of a god. Slowly at first, but with increasing frequency, humans manifesting powers began to go insane, and as their mind alters, so does their corporeal form. They have become monsters – and they have become killers.

Over the past year, over 50 such individuals – called ALPHA MANIFESTS – have wrecked havoc upon the peoples of the world, and have been brought down – killed – at great effort and loss of life. The nations of the world have all begun to view powered humans (manifests) with growing fear and suspicion.

Six months ago, they began acting upon these fears.

You are a Manifest. You are Special. And you are a weapon now.

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